Forgetfulness and having a weak memory are usually associated with old age, but even children at times can show these symptoms. There is no specific reason for having a weak memory and forgetfulness, though stress, over-exertion of mind and even sleeplessness can play a part. Homeopathic medicines for increasing memory and treatment for weak memory are of great help in the treatment. Made of natural substances and completely safe with no side effects, Homeopathic medicines are given after taking note of unique individual symptoms. A person could have a weak memory when it comes to studying, dates, places, recalling past or even recent events, or the common weak memory in elders. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed after taking note of individual symptoms and are very effective as a medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness.

Types of Memory Loss

The different types of memory loss include:

  1. Anterograde Amnesia

    This amnesia is quite common. Individuals with this type of memory loss are unable to recollect new events that occurred since they suffer from amnesia. One can remember the events or information before the occurrence of the particular event that led to amnesia.

  2. Retrograde Amnesia

    When you are unable to remember events that occurred just before the event that resulted in amnesia, you are said to suffer from retrograde amnesia. You fail to recollect recent memories and not age-old memories.

  3. Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)

    This is a rare condition where one experiences a sudden brief episode of memory loss. It might occur due to small strokes. However, it clears up on its own in about 24 hours and rarely recurs. You may keep on asking the same question repeatedly and be unable to recollect what happened in the last few hours. Middle-aged and elderly people may experience this.

  4. Post-Traumatic Amnesia

    A major injury to your head that makes you suffer from retrograde or anterograde amnesia, or both is called post-traumatic amnesia.

  5. Infantile Amnesia

    When adults fail to recollect their early childhood events or memories, it’s called infantile amnesia. This type is also called childhood amnesia.

  6. Dissociative Amnesia

    This type of memory loss results due to trauma or stress and makes one forget specific crucial events or information such as personal history, friends, or family.

  7. Drug-Induced Amnesia

    If you are experiencing memory loss after taking some medications or drugs, it’s drug-induced amnesia. Sedatives, benzodiazepines, and general anaesthesia medications are some types of drugs that can lead to this type of memory loss, which is usually temporary.


Symptoms of Poor Memory

The common signs and symptoms that indicate you are suffering from memory issues are:

  • Forgetting common words often when talking.
  • Keep on asking the same question frequently.
  • Getting lost while strolling or driving in a familiar area.
  • Misplacing objects in improper places, for instance, placing your watch in the kitchen’s ingredient storing drawer
  • Facing problems using words while speaking and writing
  • Requiring longer time or experiencing difficulty in completing familiar tasks
  • Problems in understanding visual images
  • Experiencing challenges in planning and solving simple problems
  • Changes in mood and behaviour for no good reason
  • Confusion with time and place
  • Making a poor judgement
  • Withdrawal from social and work activities


What Are the Causes of Poor Memory or Memory Loss?

Here are the prominent causes of memory loss.

  1. Medications

    Several prescribed and over-the-counter medications can be responsible for memory issues. Sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, post-surgery pain-managing medications, antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquillizers, and muscle relaxants can interfere with cognitive functions and lead to a loss of memory.

  2. Nutritional Deficiencies

    Deficiencies of vitamin B12 and B1 can affect your brain functions, thereby leading to memory issues, such as impaired cognition and memory loss.

  3. Sleep Deprivation

    A lack of sleep interferes with your ability to understand and put things together, retrieve information, hampers your concentration, and impairs your judgement.

  4. Alcohol

    Long-term heavy drinking habits can cause memory loss.

  5. Smoking

    Smoking diminishes the supply of oxygen to your brain and makes you suffer from poor memory issues. You may find it hard to recall several things.

  6. Stress and Depression

    Depression can hamper your concentration and ability to remember things. If you suffer from stress due to emotional trauma, you may experience memory loss.

  7. Dementia

    The progressive loss of memory and other cognitive functions that affect daily life adversely is dementia. Blood vessel disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and alcohol or drug abuse can lead to dementia.

  8. Stroke

    When the blood supply to your brain is curbed due to a blockage in the blood vessel, you suffer from a stroke. It may lead to short-term memory loss.

  9. Head Injury

    An accident or fall injuring your brain can lead to short-term or long-term memory loss.

  10. Other Causes of Memory Loss

    A brain tumour, hydrocephalus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, transient global amnesia, and infections such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and HIV can affect your brain health and cause memory loss.


How Homeopathy Treatment for Memory Loss Works?

Health Total specializes in offering customised memory loss treatment with homeopathy which is tailored to your specific cognitive issues. So, you experience the best positive results. Our homeopathic experts do a comprehensive evaluation of your particular memory complaints by considering your symptoms, physical generals, psychological aspects, medical history, current medications if any, your family’s medical history, underlying condition if any, and other factors and offer you homeopathic treatment that suits you the best. So, you experience improved memory and cognitive functions with our homeopathy for memory loss treatment. Health Total’s homeopathy for weak memory adopts a holistic approach by considering the ailing individuals as a whole and not merely their symptoms. So, we succeed in offering the best homeopathic treatment that not just boosts your memory but also improves your overall health.

Our personalized homeopathy for memory power treats and rectifies the root cause of your memory loss and promotes self-healing from within. So, we help you experience improved memory naturally and gently. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, such as herbs, parts of plants, minerals, salt, and others, and are prescribed to you in very small doses. So, our homeopathy for memory improvement is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. On top of that, unlike conventional treatment, our homeopathy for memory power does not cause any dependency on medicines.


Top Homeopathic Medicines for Increasing Memory


Baryta Carb: Best Homeopathic medicine for weak memory in children for studies

Baryta Carb tops the list of natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory when a child has a very weak memory when it comes to studies. The child has great trouble concentrating on studies and takes a long time to comprehend a sentence and reads it over and over again. The memorizing power is so diminished that the child takes a long time to learn something and even forgets the learned part soon after. The child is a dwarfish both mentally and physically. Mainly the child is of a timid and shy nature and is averse to meeting strangers. Confidence is also lacking. There may also be an extreme sensitivity to cold air. A history of repeated attacks of tonsilitis may also be found in case taking. For all these symptoms, Baryta Carb is the ideal Homeopathic remedy.

Lac Caninum: Homeopathic medicine for weak memory and forgetfulness while writing

The best natural Homeopathic medicine for the weakness of memory with forgetfulness while writing is Lac Caninum. When a person cannot remember the right words when writing and commits frequent mistakes, Lac Caninum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy. The person uses wrong inapplicable words and omits letters. The concentration power also seems lacking. Usually, the person needing Lac Caninum possesses a nervous kind of nature. Even absent-mindedness has an effective medicine in Homeopathic medicine Lac Caninum. The person seems absent-minded with a feeble memory and forgetfulness. The feebleness extends to the point that a person buys things and leaves them on the counter table.

Cannabis Indica: Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness while talking

Cannabis Indica is a natural Homeopathic treatment for weak memory and forgetfulness that is most marked while talking to others. Such a person frequently forgets while talking. He or she forgets the words in between a conversation and does not remember what he or she is about to say.  Excessive forgetfulness makes it impossible to end a sentence. To memorise the last said words or what is intended to be spoken seems a difficult task. Along with a forgetful nature, numerous thoughts may crowd the mind of such a person, who may otherwise be fun-loving. Cannabis Indica is very beneficial as a Homeopathic remedy when such symptoms present themselves.

Medorrhinum: Top Homeopathic medicine for weak memory for names and spellings of words

Medorrhinum is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for persons who possess a weak memory, especially for names and spellings of words. To remember a name even of a well-known person is quite a task for such subjects. The weakness can even be to such an extent that the person forgets his or her own name. Medorrhinum is also a Homeopathic remedy that is very beneficial when a person has a weak memory to remember the spellings of words. The weakness may be found while speaking as well. The person repeatedly loses the conversation thread and wants the question to be repeated before answering as the mind seems very feeble to hold on to a conversation.

Kali Phos: One of the Natural Homeopathic medicines for weak memory following mental exertion

Kali Phos is considered the top natural medicine in Homeopathy to treat weak memory because of mental exertion. It could post an examination or due to excessive office work, where the mind has gone feeble as a result of mental exhaustion. Homeopathic remedy Kali Phos acts as the best memory enhancer by removing the after-effects of over-use of the mind. It provides strength to the brain and nerves and can be considered as a complete tonic for improving memory.