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Homeopathy is all about a holistic approach to healing. If you are looking to consult the Best homeopathy doctor in India to cure your health issues. You are at the right place. This approach envelopes the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of the patient. It is now widely accepted as an advanced version of established modern medicine, invented by the visionary German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy offers a gentler non-invasive form of treatment for types of illnesses since it has no side effects and is completely safe. The world is increasingly switching over to this form of alternate medicine.

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About Dr. Ramdeo lamoria

Over 18 years of experience, Dr. Ramdeo lamoria the best Homeopathy doctor in India understands and uniquely treats patients. He has cured many diseases successfully in his Paras Homeopathic Clinic. He has done Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine (BHMS).

He initiated his practice in 2004 and has done away with the age-old practice and progressed himself to be an expert in assessing patients’ health by documenting complete case history, test reports and prescriptions to be used during the treatment. Being providing the best as a Doctor, Dr. Ramdeo constantly strives to provide the latest & best medical services in the field of Homeopathy. This kind of approach has saved a lot of time for the patient and the Best homeopathy doctor in India.

About Dr. Sushila

Dr. Sushila is known for her dedication, compassion, and commitment to her science. Becoming a doctor was her destiny and she rightly considers herself fortunate for being instrumental in healing her numerous patients with having experience of 17 years. Consult now the best homeopathy doctor in India.

she has a unique way of helping clients in a lucid way. she has treated hundreds of patients with diversified problems. She gives sufficient time to each patient and listens carefully in order to understand the complete problem and that is the key to her successful treatment. She adapts a modern approach with potent medicines for the best and immediate result with no side effects.