General Queries:

To make communication simple and time-saving, we have created a Profile Dashboard for every patient who registers with us. Through this dashboard, patients can submit queries or send their case histories. Apart from this, patients can also request the portal admin to arrange a meeting with their Doctor through Chat or Skype.

  • You can save valuable time with an online health consultation.
  • You no longer need to take time out of your busy schedule and wait for your doctor’s appointment, long queues in the clinic, and waste time traveling to reach your doctor.
  • You can connect with and consult from anywhere in the world.

You can continue with your other doctor’s treatment, but we request you to keep your Expert informed about this. Both the online Expert and your doctor need to be in the know about each other’s treatment and medicines being consumed by you. We also strictly advise you not to self-medicate and start or withdraw any medicine without our Expert’s prior consent.

Paras Homeopathy processes are in strict adherence to the world standards of HIPPA and HL7. We ensure that our patients’ data is kept confidential and take measures to avoid a security breaches.

Registration-Related Queries:

You can avail either of 2 options to register on the health portal.

1. Visit the Paras Homeopathy homepage and directly register on the portal. (Click here to Register)

2. Alternatively, you can register through your Facebook, Twitter.

There is no minimum age requirement to register for Paras Homeopathy. But, if the patient is a child, a differently-abled person, or someone who is not internet-savvy, then a parent or guardian can register on their behalf.

Yes. Homeopathic treatment can be followed along with hospitalization. However, you must keep your hospital doctors, caretakers, and online expert informed about all the treatments you are following.

Yes. Pregnant women and disabled/differently-abled people are allowed to register for online treatment. But, such individuals may require assistance from others to register, and all these facts (pregnancy, special characteristics), need to be mentioned clearly in the patient profile. This helps in providing a clear insight about the patient conditions to the doctors. We assure you that all the data will be kept strictly confidential. Data modification is solely the right of the patient/guardian.

Yes. We do not discriminate on the basis of severity/type of disease. However, the scope of homeopathic treatment can be decided only by the Expert physician.

Yes, you can register on behalf of your child or elderly parents/relatives. Make sure all the data you provide in the patient profile and other medical records is accurate.

You have the benefit of choosing your own Expert. If you are not sure or feel confused, the portal will recommend an Expert to you based on your disease condition.

Our Base Panel Doctors are available between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. IST. Within this time, live chat can be undertaken. Experts will be available for Chat on request.

Your request to replace your Expert will be thoroughly reviewed by us, and we can provide you with another Expert if deemed necessary.

When you begin the online consultation, we will provide you the option to choose 3 Experts physicians. Under normal conditions, we will assign you the first Expert you request for. However, under certain situations, if the first preference is not available, we will assign another Expert selected by you.

Medicine-Related Queries:

After your Expert physician forwards your prescription, our Delivery department will take charge of dispensing and sending the medicine to you. Our Delivery Department has people who are well-trained and skilled in the task of dispensing medicines. We follow the utmost precautions while doing so, and all our medicines are of superlative quality.

If we receive a notification from you or the courier company of your medicine package being damaged/lost, we will replace the medications free of cost and dispatch them at the earliest.

The medicines will reach your home within 5-7 days of dispensing. This also depends on the location.

Your Expert will review your case again, and we will dispatch fresh medicines free of cost. If necessary, we will forward your case history for a Panel Consult.

This situation is highly unlikely as all the medicines are carefully selected and dispensed and the action of our medicines is gentle. Nevertheless, if you do experience severe side effects, we would recommend you to do the following:

1. Have strong coffee or inhale odors of camphor or eucalyptus. They are known to antidote the effects of homeopathic medicine.

2. Consult your local physician at the earliest, if your side effects do not come under control.

3. Write an email to us notifying us about your condition.

Payment-Related Queries:

Before you start consulting your Expert, you need to select a treatment plan that is most suited for your needs. You will be then directed to the payment page, where you’ll need to authenticate your payment.

We offer duration-based health packages for individuals as well as family/groups. You need to opt for any one of them. Within this duration, you can consult your physician whenever you need.

Not at all! There are certain homeopathic treatment portals that work on disease-based payment plans. Our portal is designed to treat you holistically and completely for any number of ailments you have. Our treatment plans are based on the time duration of your selected package. Within this time duration, you can consult your Expert physician for 1, 2, or more ailments, and we won’t charge a single extra rupee for that!

Yes. If you opt for our group/ family treatment plans, any new member added gets a 20% discount on the chosen health plan.

If you are a corporate company, we offer you customized treatment plans to suit your company’s requirements. Click here to know more.

You need to make payment while selecting the treatment plan. After successful payment, you can choose your Expert physician, submit your case history, and based on your Expert’s prescription, your medicines will be dispatched. You do not have to pay separately for your medicines. Their cost has been pre-included in the treatment plan.